Raj Kundra’s maiden cinematic venture was a complete failure

Raj Kundra's maiden cinematic venture was a complete failure

Raj Kundra, a businessman and the husband of Shilpa Shetty, experienced a setback in his aspirations to be part of the Bollywood industry. The film in which he starred and produced, UT 69, only managed to earn Rs 10 lakh on its opening day at the cinemas. Given the film’s budget of approximately 20 crores, it will likely be a significant failure.

Raj Kundra was temporarily imprisoned for his involvement in the production of explicit films and, subsequently released on bail, has created a movie inspired by his personal experiences. The film, titled UT 69, chronicles his two-month stint in prison, with Kundra portraying himself on screen.

The primary concern is that the movie’s high-definition resolution may not be necessary for the audience’s viewing experience. Some viewers believe that the film’s depiction of a real-life event would have been more suitable for a documentary format rather than a feature film.

The movie is helmed by Shanawaz Ali, with Katha Raj Kundra as the director. Vikram Bhatti is the writter

The film employs satire to convey its message, using humor and irony to critique societal norms. Raj Kundra, the filmmaker, aims to depict life in Arthur Road Jail through a similar lens, highlighting the struggles and challenges its inmates face. According to Kundra, the color green symbolizes the most arduous aspects of life, reflecting the harsh realities of prison life.

Raj Kundra was arrested in connection with making obscene films and distributing and publishing them on various sites. He was released on bail after two months. Businessman Raj Kundra is the husband of actress Shilpa Shetty.


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